Olari proudly presents

St. Felix

St. Felix is a four-piece rock band from Espoo, Finland. They describe theur music as ‘Funky pop-rock with a touch of hip-hop’. St. Felix was formed 2007. They’ve released three studio albums.

They put on one hell of a live show.



St. Felix was founded in the Fall of 2007. Prior to this, Anssi, Toni and Tuukka Heikkinen performed under the name of Highflow. Anssi and Henrik met each other in the mid 90’s in a youth circus school in Espoo where Henrik used to perform as a juggler and later on his own on the streets of Helsinki and around Finland with a stand-up style show, or ‘shöw’.

In 2000 Henrik and his girlfriend, Jenni, moved to Hamburg. There he would form his first band, Kingdom Altona, as well as be a part of various other music projects and bands including Faruk Green and Vaduz.

Anssi has been involved in music his whole life. As a young boy he sang in Cantores Minores, a boys’ choir, and at a young age already played the guitar very well. Later, he sang and played in the band Highflow.

The idea of forming a band first arose when Anssi visited Henrik in Hamburg in 2005, where they recorded a few pieces on a 4-track recorder.
Two years later, Henrik and Jenni returned to Finland.

Shortly thereafter Anssi, Henrik and the dedicated chelsea-fan Toni got together for their first session. The musicians haven’t chosen a specific genre, rather they play with a variety of different styles. With Anssi’s funky guitar and Henrik’s, at times, rather melancholic lyrics, St. Felix ends up with a unique and fresh sound that can best be described as funky pop-rock with a touch of hip hop.